The Greenwood Preschool provides care and education for students from 6 weeks through Kindergarten as well as after school elementary programs.  We utilize a centers based, differentiated curriculum which focuses on independent, hands on learning while giving our students the flexibility to exercise their creativity and allows our teachers to cater their activities according to the abilities and interests of their students.

Our infant room is staffed at a high student/teacher ratio to provide the highest level of loving care and give our infants the attention they need to develop physically, mentally and socially.

Our preschool age students, from young toddler to Pre-K focus on life skill learning, social development, physical coordination, creative play and beginning academic education into language and math skills. Our learning centers, arts programs and dramatic play activities are designed to stimulate the mind, develop interests and most of all be fun and interesting for our students.  At the core of our teaching are our Christian values of honesty, integrity, love and forgiveness.  

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten programs are taught by teachers trained in gifted education.  Here we begin typical classroom schedules, however with our differentiated curriculum our classrooms are anything but typical.  The Greenwood Preschool differentiated curriculum allows each student to learn at their own pace and develop their own interests, giving our teachers flexibility and keeping our students engaged and hungry for more.  Our students typically enter elementary grades well ahead of their peers.   

For students attending elementary school we offer engaging before and after school programs to provide flexibility to busy parents. Our school is situated directly adjacent to the Greenwood Forest Elementary School and this allows us to safely and conveniently convey students to and from the elementary school without the dangers and liability of over the road transportation.